Adele Annesi - Word for Words, LLC
Word for Words, LLC
Word for Words, LLC, is a boutique editing services firm that helps emerging and established fiction and nonfiction writers create their best work.
Adele Annesi
My expertise ranges from quick-start coaching to evaluations and comprehensive editing of partial and completed manuscripts.
On the nonfiction side, I work with memoir, culture and the arts, spirituality, travel, business, how-to and craft.
On the fiction side, I work with upmarket and commercial fiction.
Whether you're just starting or have a raft of publications, each stage of the writing journey has its own energy and discovery.
Rebecca Dimyan, award-winning writerRebecca Dimyan
My specialty is working with emerging writers of literary fiction and nonfiction, as well as short stories.
I assist with content development and structure, and with cultural narrative — the ethnic or immigrant story.
Whether you're are struggling to start a piece or are polishing it for publication, I maintain the integrity of your work while helping you to make it the best it can be.
For more information visit Rebecca Dimyan.
We believe some of the best stories are yours.
Our award-winning experience has given us solid industry contacts to assist you in positioning your work for publication.
Whether you’re starting your first story or have published numerous times, we look forward to working with you.
For information, contact Words for Words or 203.894.1908.