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Art of Writing

John Updike on Writing

Can writing be taught?In a recent interview with NPR's Scott Simon, John Updike biographer Adam Begley, former books editor of theNew York Observer, mentioned that the gifted author of the Rabbit books andSeek My Facebelieved that writing can't be taught. While the mechanics of writing can be imparted to students, the art of it probably can't.
Perhaps what Updike meant about writing being a form that can't be taught is that much of what goes into learning to write is laborious, involving lots of trial and error, and there's really no substitute for that because its during that time of trial and error that discovery takes place, the revelation that seems to come only amid the labor of clearing away everything that's not a canoe, as the saying goes, or, as with Michelangelo, everything that's not a David, to discover the art of a piece.

A Matter of Intention, Jamie Cat Callan’s Perspective on the Art of Writing

Jamie Cat Callan's Ooh La La!
“… my French grandmother's example of coping and making the simplest things artful(whether it's a pretty lace dress made from an old curtain or a rabbit stew with garden vegetables) has taught me that anything can be beautiful and well-made.”
Jamie Cat Callan, author and teacher
Author, teacher and purveyor of the secrets of French woman, Jamie Cat Callan,has done it again. The author of Bonjour, Happiness!andFrench Women Don’t Sleep Alonehas a new tome on the secrets of French woman: 

A Writer's Unexpected Emotional Journey

When I startedFairfield University's MFA in creative writing,
A Writer's Unexpected Emotional Journey
I was generally prepared for the workload, for possibly being the oldest student in the program, even for the financial responsibility. I wasn't prepared for the emotional journey. Fairfield's proximity to my home in Connecticut, the great friends I made on the first day and my company's reinstitution of tuition reimbursement all made for a great start. I even lightened my freelance workload to prepare for the many reading and writing assignments.

Yearning: An Impetus for Art

Fiction writers can improve their prose by removing analysisI may fight the parameters of the creative process set by Pulitzer Prize winnerRobert Olen Butler,author ofFrom Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction,but he does offer writers a way to go from craft to art.
Among Butler's observations this is pivotal — missing from most manuscripts is the sense of yearning. It may be more accurate to say that some form of desire, unexpressed or ill-expressed, may exist in many manuscripts, but falls short of art because it's depicted through the inartistic forms of abstraction, analysis, generalization, interpretation and summary.

For Joy's Sake: A Perspective on Art

Art is to be enjoyedIn considering art and the impetus for creating it, I came across this quote fromFrancis A. Schaeffer,from hiseleven perspectives on art.Here's the first perspective, and according to Schaeffer, the most important:
"A work of art has a value in itself. For some this principle may seem too obvious to mention, but for many Christians it is unthinkable. And yet if we miss this point, we miss the very essence of art. Art is not something we merely analyze or value for its intellectual content.